Thursday, August 7, 2008

bath cake boutique

Yesterday me and MJ made our way over to Jenn and Little L's house for a playdate and to catch up on what all has been going on while I was on vacation.

We were going through some stuff and I saw this really cute box on her table and I thought she had gone to a bakery and gotten yummies for after lunch.

Imagine my surprise and relief (I will spare you the details on how many desserts I have consumed in the last 10 days - it's not pretty, they were all awesome, but the quantity would make you gain 10 pounds just reading this) when I realized that they were not real desserts but for the bath.

Enter Bath Cake Boutique.

Pictured above, left to right is the Bubble Cake, Bath Cake and Soap Cake. The Bubble Cake ($4 each) you unwrap and hold under running water and it turns your bathtub into a bubble wonderland. The Bath Cake ($5 each or $25 for 6) is like a bath bomb where you toss the cupcake into the tub and it fizzes into a magical spa and the top of the cupcake is a sugar scrub to use while you are soaking. The soap cake ($4 a bar) is a bar of soap. There are several other items you can get from the website, everything is handmade and you can pick from a very long list of scents for all of the products. You can even specify the sprinkles you want or decorations you want by holiday or special occasion. And the packaging is too cute.

To check out the Bath Cake Boutique, please visit

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Anonymous said...

My mouth is watering

Jennifer said...

Hi Tink! us...they smell AWESOME! Just like baked goods. I don't have the heart to use mine yet! : D

melraffs said...

i've used bathcake before and it is AWSOME! everything is all natural so you can actually feel a difference in your skin when you use it. and i also dont mind a bright pink bath every now and then ;)

so affordable and so worth it!!!

Jenn said...

my husband loves the scent so much he wants to take one to work to use as an air freshener in his office.

i'm glad to hear someone has tried them out and likes them.

Anne-Marie said...

I love the look of these products too - I can't wait to buy my own and smell the goodies for myself.

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