Thursday, August 21, 2008

bobbi brown limited edition artist palette for lips

Bobbi Brown fanatics...uh...that's so us too...hold on to your lip palettes.

The mother of all lip palettes is now available at

We kid you not.

Take a gander at the ginormous palette gracing this post.

It's seriously huge!

Included in the Exclusive Limited Edition Artist Palette for Lips is a retractable lip brush and 42 lipstick shades in three different formulas...semi-matte, creamy, and sheer.

The colors?

Holy mackerel...just look at the names you'll get!

• Tulle Lip Color
• Slopes Lip Color
• Orange Lip Color
• Chocolate Lip Color
• Brown Lip Color
• Beige Lip Color
• Burnt Red Lip Color
• Hot Cocoa Lip Color
• Red Lip Color
• Blondie Pink Lip Color
• Brownie Lip Color
• Roseberry Lip Color
• Sandwash Pink Lip Color
• Blackberry Lip Color
• Salmon Lip Color
• Rose Lip Color
• Raisin Lip Color
• Pink Lip Color
• Pale Pink Lip Color
• Tulip Lip Color
• Brownie Pink Lip Color
• Bronzed Pink Creamy Lip Color
• Uber Pink Creamy Lip Color
• Raisin Berry Creamy Lip Color
• Crystal Pink Creamy Lip Color
• Blue Raspberry Creamy Lip Color
• Heather Buff Creamy Lip Color
• Pink Ballet Creamy Lip Color
• Nude Pink Creamy Lip Color
• Nectar Creamy Lip Color
• Rose Petal Creamy Lip Color
• Italian Rose Creamy Lip Color
• Peony Lip Sheer
• Bare Lip Sheer
• Plum Lip Sheer
• Cranberry Lip Sheer
• Rosy Lip Sheer
• Pink Berry Lip Sheer
• Ruby Lip Sheer
• Black Plum Lip Sheer
• Tangerine Lip Sheer
• Natural Beige Lip Sheer

The only con here?

It's $200.

Yes...that's right...we said $200.

But, you know that you are getting the equivalent of 42 lip colors here. And that would be a great deal more that $200. the math...42 x $22 =___ were never that good at math and it's really early in the let's just say that it's a whole heck of a lot of money people.

Head on over to Neiman Marcus online right now. You know this will sell out. Trust us.

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine
photo courtesy of neiman marcus


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