Monday, August 4, 2008

clinique blushwear cream stick

Okay...remember how I told you how Christine and I met the fabulous Rob H. at our local Saks in Tysons Galleria?

Well, yours truly headed over there last weekend because they were having an event.

With any $75 Clinique purchase, you got a perfect Rob had arranged for a masseuse to be there and provide his services.

Basically, you were paying $75 for the massage, which would (in turn) go towards your beauty purchase.

So a win/win situation...right?

Well, a win/lose for me.

Not that I wasn't going to take advantage of this...Rob even said that (depending on the time constraints) I might even be able to get a full body massage (!). what's the downside to this?

Uh, Big L had to work that day...totally last minute.

So, instead of me getting blissfully rubbed down, I had to cancel the massage and just head in for the makeup.

Which is fine...really...but (dang it) momma needed a little hear what I'm saying?

I still was dying to see the new Fall collection. So even though I know better, I still got my son together and headed out to Tyson's.

Into Saks I trudged, with Little L and a desire to check out some of the new offerings from Clinique.

The scenario that unfolded (once in the store) went something like this:

-Little L starts to fidget in his stroller as soon as I approach the counter.
-LL somehow wriggles himself free of stroller and starts to run around the Clinique counter.
-LL decides he wants to check out the uber expensive shoes in the Saks shoe department that's so conveniently adjacent to the Clinique counter.
-Mommy freaks out because LL is getting ever so close to the VERY expensive Manolos.
-Mommy almost has a heart attack because LL picks up a VERY EXPENSIVE Manolo and for a second, appears as if he's going to throw it.
-Mommy grabs said Manolo and LL and tries to smile at the SA in the Shoe department. Her hand shakes as she puts the Manolo back.
-LL goes over to the counter and looks as if he's calming down enough for Mommy to shop.
-Rob gives LL a pad and pen for LL to play with. Mommy silently chides herself for not thinking of bringing some of the million pads and crayons that LL has at home.
-LL colors while Mommy peruses the Fall 2008 colors at Clinique.

At this point, I am literally sweating and just wanting to get whatever I need to make the $75 and get the heck out of dodge.

I bought some things and pretty much just had Rob throw them in a bag, but stopped dead in my tracks for this.

Clinique's new Blushwear Cream Stick in Peachy Blush($19). It's peach-y with a slight hint of pink and it goes on so smoothly. It blends in well and looks gorgeous on. The color really gives a nice sweet pop of color to my cheeks and goes along amazingly with my light-medium complexion.

The fact that it has a slight subtle shimmer, that gives it this luminous quality, is sheer perfection.

Considering that, since I bought this, I've been wearing it every day since then means...yeah...I like it...a lot.

Next time though...hiring a babysitter.

photo courtesy of clinique
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sarahPUFFY said...

I SO need a new creme blush - I'm def gonna have to hit up my Clinique counter to check these out!

Anonymous said...

Your post cracked me up. I have two kids so I know how kids can be when you take them shopping.....very unpredictable! :) I'm going to have to try this cream blush.

Jennifer said...

Hi Sarah!

Def. check it out! I really like it a lot, it's my go to blush right now.LMK how you like it! : D

Hi Anonymous!

Thanks! My son is a real pistol lately. Into everything and doesn't listen to me at all...parenting is fun! ; )
Def. try the cream blush and let me know what you think! : D

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