Monday, August 25, 2008

clinique defining liner for lips

Because I am consistently losing my liner sharpeners, I adore companies that include one in the packaging.

Clinique's new Defining Liner for Lips ($14) takes it one step further and puts the sharpener inside the cap.


My fave is Sugared Fig. It's a great nude-ish color on me, so it'll work with more than just one specific color.

It's smooth, non-feathering application allows me to apply it almost without looking because it glides on so well.

Plus it stays on longer and helps your lipstick to last too.

Here's a few tips on great lip liner application:

1) Apply it before lipstick and after hydrating your lips with some balm. Lightly follow the outline of your lips and use your finger, or a lip brush to soften the line inwards. Finish with some lipstick or colored gloss.

2) Apply your lip liner to the outline and lightly fill in. Soften with your finger or a brush and apply lip balm or clear gloss on top.

3) Apply your gloss or lipstick first, then go over the outline with the matching lip liner. This is my favorite way to do it. I really think that this helps the color to not bleed and finishes it off well.

No go forth and line away darlings.

photo courtesy of clinique
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