Monday, August 11, 2008

covergirl eye enhancers...look #3

How sad are we, to bring you the last look from the CoverGirl/Molly Stern webinar?

For this last look, Molly rocked the Caribbean Eyes look. Using the gorgeous hues of the Tropical Fusion 4 Kit, she really made the eyes pop and made it a trend that you could wear for a fun evening out and not look like a clown.

For this look, she of course started off with a good canvas. First apply your foundation to even everything out. To make for an easy blush selection, Molly used the peachy shadow in the compact as a blush. If that's not your thing, go for another blush...but being this look is all about the eyes, we suggest using a nude blush or something that just provides a sheer hint of color.

For the eyes, Molly used a flat eyeshadow brush and picked up the turquoise color. She pressed it all over the lid up into the crease...building it as she went.

Using a fluffy eye shadow brush, she picked up the kinda-lime-kinda-yellow color and lightly dusted it over the turquoise so that it wasn't quite as intense, but the color still showed through.

Taking a flat, square eyeliner brush, she made a sort of paste with the darker blue color and water. She then pressed it into the lash line...which can we tell you was such a gorgeous effect...on the top lashes.

She then did the same thing to the bottom lashes, but did not go all across. She actually made the line slightly heavier right at the center of the bottom lash line.

A great gorgeous pop of color.

She finished off the eye with two coats of CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara on the top lashes and a very light coat on the bottom.

A slick of CoverGirl Amazemint Lip Gloss in Happy Hour (the bluish one that actually looks clear on) and you're good to go!

We really loved bringing you these looks over the last couple of weeks!

Especially the great tips from Molly Stern.

One last tip?

Don't feel like you have to use all of the colors in kits like these. Think of it as four eye shadows for the price of one.

Sounds like a no brainer right?

But we can't tell you how many times we've passed up kits because we haven't loved all of the colors.

For more amazing tips and to learn more about the CoverGirl products...head on over to

With love (always)
Jennifer and Christine
images courtesy of covergirl
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Anonymous said...

Ooh, the colors are pretty and so fresh.

But, same here, most times I don't really use up all the colors in the pallette. Only about 2 or max 3 colors out of any eyeshadow kit.

Lovely steals here!

Anonymous said...

Colors look so fresh.

Anonymous said...

What a fun summer look!

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