Thursday, August 28, 2008

elemis, nivea and the body deli.....

What do these 3 brands have in common?

The have totally saved my skin this summer and I can't wait to use them all this winter.

The beginning of the summer I was doing really well with a regular daily body lotion. And then I started going to the pool a few days a week in severely chlorinated water, add in a few sunburns and a week in salt water and, well, my skin was not happy with me in the slightest. That's when I decided I needed to call in for reinforcements and started using body cremes daily and my skin is back to loving me and it's environment.

The first of the three, is the least expensive at $6.99 a jar (6.8 oz.). Nivea Natural Tone Face and Body Creme with an SPF 4. Right off the bat I like the fact that it contains an SPF. This one helps fight skin discolorations caused by aging, dryness and too much sun. It helps even out what discolorations that you may already have and helps prevent discolorations from happening. It is super light, but moisturises very well. And the scent is very light, which I like since I have been slathering this stuff on and still can wear perfume.

The next one on my list is The Body Deli Botanical Body Souffle at $26 a jar (8 oz.), this is the medium priced creme, but I love this stuff. There are 12 different scents available and I bet they all smell awesome. I have Thai Lemongrass and when I use it the whole bathroom smells like lemons. My husband even commented on the scent. This body souffle totally saved me from looking like a snake after our trip last month. I'll just throw this out there, the first day of the cruise when we were at sea all day and I choose to lay by the pool on the top, top, top deck....without sunscreen on my legs for hours (for some reason I put sunscreen everywhere, but the tops of my thighs - the drink of the day must have gone to my head already)....after 8 days of my poor legs in the sun there was some major peeling going on by the time we got back home....until I used this on them. It stopped the peeling immediately and I didn't feel like I needed to reapply every 3 seconds either. The Body Deli line of products are all made with fresh plants instead of chemicals and are certified organic; the body cream is blended with the freshest ingredients available, guaranteeing the potency and bio-availability of the essential nutrients which helps keep your skin soft, supple and youthful. Whatever it has in it - I am loving it.

The third and definitely the priciest of the group, is Elemis Pro-Collagen Radiantly Smooth Body Cream, at $162 a jar (6.8 oz.). When I need a ton of moisturizing I use the Body Deli Souffle, but when it's a regular kind of day I use this. It is just the right level of moisture and leaves a light shimmer - nothing crazy, it's just barely noticeable but it's pretty. Elemis Body Creme helps to smooth out crepey skin texture, leaving the body feeling deeply hydrated with an illuminating youthful radiance. A network of Proteins, plus Micro-Lattice Technology ensures a mesh-like support system is provided over sagging skin whilst helping to restore cell cohesion. The lipidic base, which produces the lattice-effect micro-tension, offers ‘movement with tension’ to the skin so the overall result is just like wearing a pair of tights: you can distinctly feel the body’s improved contour. I have only used this on my arms and legs but it sounds like I need to add my belly to the list and see if it feels like I'm wearing a pair of tights. I hadn't really paid attention in the past. I almost forgot until I added the picture - it comes in the prettiest leather box and it's even prettier inside - it looks great on my shelf in the bathroom but I could even have it out on my dresser.

To purchase any or all of these body cremes: for Nivea check out or pretty much any drugstore; for The Body Deli, visit and for Elemis, click on over to

Happy Moisturizing!


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the post...i was looking for something new and since its winter i wanted something that was moisturizing... but my fav product for the summer is Booty Butter by Bikini Kitchen... this tanning lotion absorbs quickly and gets me glowing

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