Thursday, August 7, 2008

i'm baaaack

Well, I'm back from my cruise and I am slowly getting back into the swing of things here....

real slowly....

Yesterday I started to leave the house to run errands and walked all the way to the car with my son and only then realized I 1) didn't have my keys and 2) didn't have any shoes on.

The cruise was fabulous, it was pretty much 8 days of laying by the pool and/or beach and eating with some shopping thrown in here and there. I packed like a pro and didn't forget anything and packed exactly enough of everything for both my husband and I. The only thing I overpacked was my makeup bags - yes plural. I had 3 makeup bags. One in my handbag for the flight and the first day of the cruise since you don't get your luggage until sometime around 8pm. One bag was just my brushes and palettes and one bag of liquid stuff I had in my checked luggage that I brought, but hoped I wouldn't need the first day. Once I unpacked everything and actually got showered and ready before dinner everyday I noticed I used the same 4 or 5 products. And really only needed the one bag in my handbag and the one with the brushes in it.

I used my Clinique Almost Makeup that I mentioned in my post right before I left and the Clinique Superbalms (those were the only lip glosses I brought and were so convenient, my husband carried them in his pocket for me every day). My LashBlast Mascara - here's the biggest piece of news, so much so Jenn felt my head when I told her about to make sure I didn't come down with something while I was gone....I only wore mascara at night when we were on the ship. Now, those of you who have stuck with us from the beginning know that I never ever leave the house without mascara. I wear it every single day, so, this was huge for me. But why in the world would I put on mascara to go snorkeling or swimming and then deal with the under the eye mess after showering and reapplying it all over again for the evenings? So, 98% of the pictures taken I have no mascara on. As for the rest of my makeup (eyeshadow and blush) I reached for 2 items: The Bobbi Brown Mauve Palette and the Skinn Patina Eyeshadow Palette in Spring. I know I am mixing my seasons since the Mauve Palette is new for Fall and the Skinn Spring Palette is well, for Spring, but it's still Summer so, I think I get away with it for a little longer.

The Mauve Palette ($55) is awesome. It has 3 eyeshadows, a blush and 3 lipsticks that are all universally flattering. Pretty much everything you would need. If I was going somewhere for a weekend I would probably bring this and wouldn't need to bring anything else. Some of the colors are only available in this palette.

The Skinn Patina Palette ($22.50) has 6 different colors. They are super pigmented so go easy and they have incredible staying power. Although I use the Bobbi Brown creme eyeshadow in Navajo as a base which helps whatever you put on top of it stay all day long. The Patina Palette is available in 3 different colors - Spring, Summer and Winter. My Spring Palette is pictured on the right. I tend to use the 3 colors on the left end the most but I have used a couple on the right half when I'm feeling more adventurous.

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