Friday, August 1, 2008

kerastase nutridefense spray

I've been testing out a lot of hair care products these days.

While I'll (sometimes hesitantly) try them all, I do have favorites...I mean...who doesn't.

I adore Kerastase and will gladly try anything from their line...whether I purchase it on my own (btw don't even ask me to add up how much I've spent over the years) or get the chance to try something that they send out.

This was something that I was getting ready to purchase and hide from Big L (he's been on a we have to watch what we're spending kick lately) when I had the amazing opportunity to try it out.

I leaped at it like a hungry dog and prayed that Christine wasn't going to want to try it herself, one of the perils of splitting everything 50/50 with her.

She passed. So it was mine...all mine (cue maniacal laughter).

Even though I have another one of their leave in conditioners (their Lait Nutri-Sculpt...fabulous stuff) I tend to use it every other day in the warmer months, otherwise it tends to weigh down my hair a tad.

The thing about their new Kerastase Nutridefense Spray ($34) is that it offers the benefits of a leave-in protectant in a spray form...much lighter on the old locks.

Once I sprayed it on and then blow-dried my hair, it felt soft and conditioned....without any heaviness. No weighted down feeling.

Normally, with other leave-ins, I'd recommend only applying them from the mid-shaft (of your hair) and down...trying not to get your roots.

But with this, an all over spraying was fine and didn't make my hair look limp. I have a new addition to my Kerastase family.

You can find this wherever Kerastase products are sold, or try

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Helen said...

Hi Jennifer! You've been quoted for Best Products for Beautiful Hair!

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