Saturday, August 30, 2008

lippmann collection fall colors...the review

So yesterday I decided to go ahead and paint my nails with the new Fall colors from the Lippmann Collection and take pictures so you could see what the colors look like. I waited until little MJ was taking his afternoon nap, but then I decided I better go check my email first.

Apparently, I took a little too long checking the email because by the time I made it back upstairs to the table and opened the first bottle of nail polish....who do think was standing at the top of stairs staring at me? Little MJ.

Normally, he let's me get a quick mani in, but for some reason he was feeling cuddly and had to sit in my lap the whole time and play with everything. Also, my husband came home shortly after MJ got up. So, something that should have been quick and done in about 15 minutes, ended up taking a little over 2 hours.

As for the nail polish, there are the 4 colors for Fall and I am actually liking all 4. I would have never ever considered wearing black nail polish before, a dark purple or blue is about as far as I'm willing to venture. After I put Fade to Black on, it looked quite perfect for Fall and Winter. I would recommend having shorter nails for this color and the purple (Pump Up the Jam). Speaking of the purple, I had to take a couple different pictures - it's different in every kind of light. It looked really dark - almost black in one and then purple in another. Stop and Stare (red) is a brighter red, it reminds me of a retro color and is very fun. Rhapsody in White is, well, white and has some shimmer to it, so it doesn't look like you took a bottle of white-out to your nails ( know you've tried that before).

So, here are the pictures (all of these are with 2 coats and no top coat)....
Obviously these 2 are the Rhapsody in White (white) and Stop and Stare (red)

This is the Pump Up the Jam (purple). The picture on the left is regular light and the one on the right is with flash and you can see that it is actually purple in that one.

This is Fade to Black (black). Again, the one on the left is regular light, the one on the right is with flash.

The nail polish does last a while and doesn't seem to chip very easily. What I was most surprised was how easy the nail polish came off when I used the remover. I was not worried about the white, but the red, purple and black? I thought for sure you would be seeing hints of those colors around, in and under my nails. But every color came off great, you can't even tell that I had any nail polish on at all. I also like how shiny they are without any top coat, normally I do put a top coat on, but I wanted to see how they were all by themselves.

Lippmann Collection is available at Barney's New York, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bath and Body Works Flagships and online at for $15 a bottle.

photos courtesy of me =0)
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