Monday, August 18, 2008

l'oreal vive pro nutri gloss conditioner and conditioning treatment

This is the point in the Summer when I start to worry about the condition of my hair.

After the swimming, the chlorine, the highlighting, the blow drying, and the occasional flat hair has gone through a lot.

Add in how dry the air will get come Fall and Winter and we're talking hello static.


It's like someone is following me around with an invisible balloon and constantly rubs it over my hair.

Without the proper shampoos and's like why bother?

While, at this point in the game, I've learned which ones to use and which ones to avoid...I was given the chance to try a conditioner from a brand that (in the past) I had tried and not liked.

What a difference a second chance makes.

Love these conditioners.

L'Oreal Paris Vive Pro Nutri Gloss Conditioner and L'Oreal Paris Vive Pro Nutri Gloss Conditioning Treatment are two separate products that do one hell of a job to make my hair look smooth, shiny, and healthy.

They come in pink the color pink btw...and smell heavenly. A very light scent that lasts and doesn't compete. It just (as Christine would say) lingers beautifully and you catch a whiff of it each time you do the Charlie's Angels hair toss.

I love how they rinse out clean and make your hair feel soft and moisturized, but not weighed down.

I'm also loving the fact that these are for medium to long hair that's damaged...which... uh... yeah... okay... so I'm not quite to the medium/long stage yet... but I will be soon... and any coloring, chlorine, and daily blow drying will damage your hair.

These are both great for preventing breakage and split ends...which as anyone knows...are real I-hope-to-someday-have-long-locks-again dream killers.

You can use the conditioner daily and use the conditioning treatment either as a once a week treatment, or more if your hair is drier or dull.

I also ran out and bought the shampoo to go along with the two conditioners that we were given to try out. It wasn't expensive at all and true testament to how much I enjoy using these.

The truly best part?

You can find them all for about $5 and many times you can use a coupon or catch them on sale. My tip? Check out Blogdorf Goodman for her once a week sale circular run down...really...she's amazing...and her blog kicks serious tooshie too.

photos courtesy of l'oreal and
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