Wednesday, August 20, 2008

m lab body treatment cream...the review

I'm seriously loving the packaging for this M LAB Body Treatment Cream ($185).

It just screams minimalist chic.

Like it would belong to a woman who could pack for a month long trip and fit everything in a travel-on bag.

That kind of woman would only pack the best of the best... so... guaranteed... this would find it's way into her bag (in travel sized airline approved containers, of course).

I adore it because it's amazing.

It has the ability to almost instantly transform my dry skin into something that's smooth as silk.

Suitable for all skin types, it contains peptides, gentle exfoliants, and hydrators that work to promote collagen and elastin production, smooth and brighten skin tone, and provide long lasting moisture.

What have I seen while using this?

Smooth, soft, well hydrated skin, that continues to feel that way all day. I swear that I've also noticed a difference in the little bumps that run down the back of my arms...they're beginning to fade away.

And a little goes a long's that rich.

While it is a major splurge in the body cream department, look at it this probably wouldn't hesitate to spend that kind of cash on a cream for your face...why not treat your body the same?

M LAB is available exclusively at and Harrods London.

photo courtesy of m lab
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Beauty411 said...

I love the packaging on these products, too! So sophisticated looking...

Anonymous said...

I just had to follow up that I bought the body treatment. The package looks amazing and more importantly, the cream feels out of this world. I just ordered the face treatment bec I like the body one so much.
Jess M
New York, NY

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