Wednesday, August 13, 2008

nars eyeshadow duo

This week was actually one of the few weeks that has been bearable this Summer.

Just a gorgeous week of great breezes and blue skies. The kind of week that makes you why the heck can't the whole Summer be like this?

Truth is, I hate the Summer. Mostly because I hate being hot.

I would rather be in a freezing cold room, than sweltering in a steaming one.

I cannot wait for Fall and the crisp weather. I. Love. It.

It also gives me a chance to go through my makeup and figure out what's going to get some more use and what needs a little break.

This Bohemian Gold eyeshadow duo from Nars ($32) was glorious this Summer and lovingly used along with my bronzer.

It's marvelous combination of metallic taupe and iridescent copper, treated me well and looked divine on my eyes.

For me, I'm going to give the copper a slight rest...but for the taupe...there will be no sleep. It's fabulous on and really sets off my brown eyes perfectly.

Plus, you know I'm loving the fact that it's got the word bohemian in the name.

Loves it.

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