Wednesday, August 27, 2008

perfect for fall - np set cruise blush by napolean perdis fall is right around the corner and I am way excited.

I adore everything about fall, from the colors of the leaves to the chill in the the fact that Little L is beginning pre-school...actually called Toddler Adventure...for two days a week this September.

Is it wrong to be excited, yet sad at the same time?

I'll have two and a half hours a day to myself, for two whole days during the week.

Can you say sweet?

That means I can get a lot of stuff done around here and then have time for Little L and Big L when they get home.

Totally win-win here.

Anyway...back to the beauty...I'm also loving the offerings on tap at Target.

Yes...that's right...I said Target.

They've recently started selling the new line made exclusively for Target by Napoleon Perdis. His new line is called NP Set and it's to die for in its awesomeness.

First the minimalistic white packaging with black lettering. the fact that you can pick these up while shopping for a coffee maker or something like that. One stop shopping.

I'm really loving this NP Set Cruise Blush in Arctic ($18). It's a fabulous color on and looks gorgeous with my kinda lightish medium complexion.

It's a brownish hue that actually reads believable-nude-blush on my skin. Love that.

As with any cream blush, you definitely get a beautiful natural glow-y color going on there and it lasts pretty well. It's also small enough so that you can throw it into your bag and reapply as needed.

It's now available at and select Target stores right now.

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