Friday, August 1, 2008

pureology hydrate system

I probably should know who this guy is, considering it's not like I'm 90 or anything like that, but I seriously have no clue.

Anyway...he loves Pureology and that's what counts in my book. Besides, if I talk about him here, my nephew might think that I'm actually cool.

Also, you have to love a man who's confident enough in his masculinity to talk about haircare products out loud...just saying.

Here's what Fireflight Guitarist, Justin Cox, has to say about Pureology's Hydrate System....

The Pureology Hydrate system has helped my hair go from ridiculously dry and almost straw like to soft, and shiny again. As a touring musician, I have to look my best on a daily basis, so I have to flat iron my hair fairly often, and the Hydrate System has helped to restore much of the moisture lost from doing it. I've tried lots of other color treatment/hydration shampoos and conditioners, and by far, the hydrate line from Pureology has done the job best. I also like to use the HydraCure on occasion to help restore extra moisture. ShineMax has also helped control frizz, and has brought a great deal of shine back to my hair.

I have to say that he knows of what he speaks because the Hydrate System of products are absolutely brilliant.

I literally have their Hydrate Shampoo and their Hydrate Conditioner in my shower right now. The shampoo cleans without being heavy and rinses out great. The conditioner makes your scalp feel all tingly while it works and leaves my hair soft and managable. Love.

While I haven't tried the HydraCure Masque, I would imagine that it must be as fabulous as the rest of the system.

The ShineMax is something that you would use after towel drying your hair while it's damp. Blow dry and style, then add some ShineMax to finish. Only use a couple of drops. that I am totally bummed at the fact that I do not have either the ShineMax or the Masque in my possession...I am so going to Ulta this weekend to pick them up.

Reviews to come!

Check out for more information and to find out where to purchase.

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