Tuesday, September 9, 2008

redken volumizing mousse winners!

Due to a crazy typo, we've selected the winners earlier than some of you were anticipating. We've already heard from four, but we still need to hear from the rest...we need 10 winners total!

So here are the winners that we still haven't heard from. If you haven't given us your full name and addresses yet, please send them in asap! We will only give you 24 hours more.

As for the typo, we totally apologize for any confusion that it may have caused you.

Here are the names of the six remaining winners (who we have not heard from yet) of a Redken Full Frame 07 Protective Volumizing Mousse, courtesy of Vogue and Redken!


Please get to your emails and send us your full names and addresses to mommyjpresents@gmail.com, within the next 24 hours.

Understand that we will be forwarding these on to representatives for both Vogue and Redken, but that's just so they can mail you your mousse!

Congrats again and send us those emails ASAP!

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine
proud members of total beauty and the bbn networks


Anonymous said...

Oh woops! I commented to late on the post but it was fun to watch the little videos!

Anonymous said...

Yup, a bit confused with the due date, too. But that's alright. Good thing I check beauty in real life everyday. Did you get my mailing details? :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Lydia!

I am so sorry about the confusion over the date. That was totally our fault. We will work hard to ensure that it does not happen again.

Hi Laddie!

Thank you for always coming back! Yes, I did get your mailing information. We're going to give the ten winners more time to get their info in due to the confusion over the date. But you will get your mousse.

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