Monday, August 4, 2008


This is something new that I am going to be trying out here at b.i.r.l.

Well, the product isn't new to me.

It's actually something that I received samples of back in May at the Summit.

Sensa is a new weight loss system by Dr. Alan Hirsh...yes...the Dr. Hirsh...brilliant doctor and frequent Oprah guest.

What it basically does is use something called tastants, to trigger your brain into believing that it's full, before you gorge yourself and consume unnecessary amounts of food.

I mean, let's face it, we eat WAY more food than we really need. Think about it...all you can eat buffets, extra large sized value meals, heaping mounds of food at don't need all of those extra calories and fats to feel full.

With this genius product, it isn't even necessary to change your diet or exercise habits (although I do plan on eating better and starting up with my exercise program again). You just sprinkle this on anything you eat....there's tastants for sweet foods and tastants for salty.

About a few shakes on your food is all you need.

I noticed that when I did use it, I did start to feel fuller faster. The result was about half of my food left on my plate. And, here's the kicker, I didn't feel hungry until a couple of hours later...around the time when I should eat again.

So here's what I'm doing, I'm going to become a regular user of Sensa...all in the name of blogging and my thighs. I need a change and I need to lose some of this weight to be healthy.

So stay tuned for more updates on my quest to lose.

Oh...and stay tuned...later this month we'll be having a really amazing giveawy that will blow you away!

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operamomma said...

What happened to the"amazing giveaway"? Will it be coming soon?

Amy said...

My resolution is to get to a weight where I have my energy back! I lost all of my pregnancy weight but have more to go~

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