Saturday, August 23, 2008

sera eye wrinkle serum

I have been using Sera's Eye Wrinkle Serum for the last couple of weeks. While using it, I have tried it a couple different ways - alone under my makeup and paired up with my regular eye cream. And I briefly stopped using the serum and just used my eye cream to see if anything noticeable happened.

After all the different combinations, I prefer the duo action of the Serum with my eye cream on top. It seems like the Serum helped to fill in any lines I have and the eye creme provided the right amount of moisture for under my eyes.

The Serum comes in a roll on glass bottle (all made out of recycled glass, that can be recycled again when you are done with the product). It contains dermatologist grade active peptides an fruit acids to help target the deepest of laugh lines and crow's feet. It also has Aloe Leaf gel and cucumber to soothe and soften. If you are really motivated you can apply the Serum up to three times a day. I apply it twice a day - morning and again at night.

For more information on the Serum and the other products available, visit or by calling 1.877.653.0015. There are 5 products total in the line and they are all $39.95.

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Eye Cream Review said...

Serum has powerful ingredients and antioxidants that remove dark circles, treat eye wrinkles, and get rid of puffy eyes too.

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