Friday, August 29, 2008

wei east golden root renewal multi-tasking day cream spf 15

I never step out of the house without a moisturizer.

Specificaly one that contains at least an SPF 15.

If I'm going to be outside for longer periods of time, I'll use sunscreen...but, for running errands, it's moisturizer with SPF.

I am convinced that that is the reason why I'm 37 years old...that's right...I said it...37 years old and I am told that I look younger than my years.

Yes, no doubt that genetics and other healthy factors play a part...but you also need to have a good skincare routine.

Mine is always, always use a great moisturizer.

One I'm finding fabulous for my combination skin is Wei East Golden Root Renewal Multi-Tasking Day Cream SPF 15 ($44).

It's very light and hydrates like crazy. It makes my skin feel soft and has actually made it look more radiant and even-toned.

Using Golden Root, a red flowering herb known for it's ability to help fight the signs of also helps to renew and revitalize the skin.

Now that's what I'm talking about.

Try for more info or to purchase.

photo courtesy of wei east


kiki2fly said...

every sunscreen i use breaks my face out in a rash. Do u think this one is safe? If not could you recommend another one?

Jennifer said...

Hi Bella!

Great question. Here's what I would do first, head over to a dermatologist or your regular doctor and see if it's an allergic reaction to something that you're using, or if your skin is just really sensitive. They can help clear it up and may even point you in the direction of products that would be better for your skin.

I'm hesitant to recommend this to someone who might have more sensitive skin because of the special ingredients it contains. They may, or may not cause a reaction in your skin...but if you're having other sensitivity issues...this might not be a good idea. My skin is not sensitive.

That said, Here's what I would do...I would stick to products that are specially made for sensitive skin. My picks are Neutrogena products...just the regular moisturizers and sunscreens...Clinique, and Kiehl's.

All of these have worked for me in the past and I have had good results with them. Another thing you might want to do is to go simpler with the rest of your routine.

For example, you don't have to use a fancy cleanser to get your face clean...I've used Dove soap for years in the winter time when my skin feels more delicate. I would also stick with unscented products as well.

Remember, what works for us may not work for I would def. check with your doctor first before trying anything new. And also, save your receipt...many stores now a days have excellent return policies, but only if you keep your receipt.

Let us know what you decided to do and good luck!

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