Sunday, August 31, 2008

we're going to fashion week and other news

Hells to the yeah...we're going to Fashion Week!

Well...more like Fashion Weekend for us...we'll be leaving Friday afternoon and coming back Sunday night.

But we're going!

As members of Total Beauty, we get to experience all of the hub-bub that goes on and report it back to our amazing readers.


We'll be bringing our cameras to capture all of the action.

Christine and I are going to drive up together on Friday, stay at my cousin's house in NJ , and take the Transit Train into NYC each day.

So...road trip! I'm getting the CD's ready as we speak!

We're also trying to figure out what to wear. At this point, I'm considering bringing the caftan back a la Mrs. Roper...I mean the heck am I going to compete with the thin-ness that will be going on there?

In other news, we had a L'Oreal Party yesterday!

Both Christine and I were giving the opportunity (along with other fabulous blogs) to host a hair coloring party sponsored by L'Oreal, featuring their new and improved Feria hair color.

We hosted a party for two lovely ladies...Stayce and Fintress...who we are now so bff with.

And their hair turned out to dye for gorgeous.

Will be giving you the full details later in the week, along with photos!

Stay tuned!

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine

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Laura said...

Cannot wait to hear about your experiences! Have a blast!

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