Sunday, August 10, 2008

yves saint laurent beaute top secrets flash radiance skin care brush

YSL is taking their popular brush-is-the-container-is-the-applicator idea and applying it to skin care.

This is their new Top Secrets Flash Radiance Skin Care Brush ($52).

It's said to contain energizing active ingredients that boost radiance and provide a fresh and healthy complexion.

While we don't know about all of that, we do know that it contains light reflecting micro-pigments that are bound to give your skin a kick.

Especially under foundation.

Not sure about the brush's function.

One good thing is that you shouldn't have to use your hands to apply the product to your face and the brush itself would be way gentler on your delicate skin.

So...hmm...color us intrigued.

At $52 it's a little on the high end...but only sorta kinda. There are plenty of skin care products that are a lot more expensive than're still curious.

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine
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