Tuesday, September 23, 2008

5 minutes, 5 questions with philip pelusi

At Fashion Week, Philip Pelusi teamed up with Benjamin Cho to create hairstyles that personified the designer's spring collection. The aesthetic inspiration for Philip Pelusi's creations was a dichotomy between futuristic fantasy and mythological goddess.

We were able to steal him for one of our quick 5 minutes, 5 questions.....

The hair you created for the Benjamin Cho show was gorgeous. How can a woman recreate the look of the blond model's gorgeous updo at home?

First, spray Refresh Hair through out the hair and comb loosely through, then create an off-center or side-part at the crown and pull the rest of your hair back using P2 hard stuff. Then tie into a low ponytail and spilt the hair into two halves. Pull the halves under and then pull each side over the hair band and pin. Then take the ends of the hair and twist using P2 honey. Bring the ends towards the front of your face starting along the nape of your neck up towards your ears. This updo creates the perfect balance of soft and sleek. To finish spray P2's fluid hairspray.

What's your favorite hair look for the upcoming fall season?

One of my all-time favorite looks this fall is soft waves. It requires little to no heat styling and with the right hair product every woman's hair can look fabulous and healthy. For women with, I would suggest using a little Honey and letting it dry naturally. For women with finer hair, I would suggest P2's Increase and for thick hair…Decrease. Also for women who prefer brow-drying or touching up their hair with a curling iron, spray Brilliant Hair before using to protect your hair from heat damage.

What three hair products should every woman have at her fingertips?

Refresh Hair-

  • gives a dry clean shine and repairs in one step
  • it works instantly to remove up to 50 percent of hair debris sans water
  • easily freshens hairstyles mid-day with absolutely no buildup
  • it protects shine and prevents color fading for all hair types
  • imparts weightless body and control
  • protects hair from the damaging heat of flatirons or blow dryers
  • leaves hair and scalp smelling great with the fabulous scent of green tea and thyme
  • Cornerstone to every good hair care system. Any hair that is color or chemically treated, heat styled, sun, chlorine or well-water exposed and longer hair is damaged. All of these factors remove protein from the hair strand making it weak and dull. This weakened strand, if not protected, will continue to break.
  • Use every time you shampoo your hair, keeping the hair at its' full level of protein. Fills in the 'potholes' of missing protein. This strengthens the strand and protects it from further breakage.
  • It penetrates and resurfaces the cuticle, intermediate and deepest cortex layers with a blend of 6 different proteins to strengthen and increase elasticity.
  • Provides moisture for great body, tons of shine, and control.
  • Excellent for extremely damaged, chemically treated, or heavily heat styled hair. Hair will style and hold a style better with the proper amount of protein.
  • For all hair types, especially curly and frizzy. So versatile and put more on to gain a sexy second or third day look.
  • With silica quartz, beeswax, honey, honey extract and organic polymers.
  • This conditioning and molding wax refines, defines and shapes hair. Great for separating and twisted looks, making waves and defining curls.
  • Eliminates frizz. Non-flaking, doesn't dry. Water-soluble. Contains 2 sunscreens. Stays pliable.
  • Apply small amounts with the fingertips! A little goes a long, long way!

What's the one mistake that most women make when it comes to their hair?

Number one mistake made by women when it comes to their hair is that they are stubborn about using conditioner because they think it ways down their hair. However not using conditioner is damaging to your hair and causes it to look bad and feel even worse. With the nanotechnology used to create each P2 product we can now give conditioners more moisture without softening the hair. P2's Longevity keeps hair healthy and attractive, while also achieving volume. It also smoothes the hair shaft improving shine, texture and feel.

What's the best piece of beauty advice you've ever received?

It's most important to look great for your AGE! Your hairstyle, hair color and overall appearance should go hand-in-hand with your age bracket. I call this the "8 Factor" which basically means that no one should try to look too young (8 years younger is the limit). Each of your life's decades has a sensual factor to it and each is great and appealing. You should accept and work with what you have especially when it comes to your hair. Real beauty always comes from within. Learn to love yourself and beauty will ensue.

Love his best piece of beauty advice. A big thank you to Mr. Pelusi for taking time out of his schedule to answer our questions. For more information about his products visit his website Tela Design Studio, or if you are in the New York area check out his salon in person. His hair care products are also available at Barneys New York.

with love (always),
Jennifer and Christine
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