Thursday, September 4, 2008

all things l'oreal

I am loving L'Oreal lately. And it's not really any one product in specific, everything I am trying out I am seriously loving.

Jenn already mentioned the Bare Naturale Mascara, which I am using more and more. It is a great mascara, which I wasn't really expecting but it totally works and it's water resistant - not waterproof - but it works well enough that I can still take MJ to his swim lessons and not worry about him splashing me...which he does frequently. I'm usually the only parent completely drenched by the end of the lesson...the 30 minute lesson.

I am also really liking a couple products from the Infallible line and HiP line. From the Infallible line I have tried the Never Fail Lipstick Compact ($11.99) and the Never Fail Eyeliner ($7.50). The color of the lipstick isn't really my shade but I wanted to try it out and see how long it really lasted. So, the other night I put it on and actually, totally forgot about it. I had assumed it had worn off since I didn't really feel it on my lips anymore. I played with my son, spent time with my husband, even ate. Later that night I went in to wash my face and was completely shocked to see it still there and not just a hint of it, it was all still there. So, I started kissing my husband's cheek to see if it would come off...nothing. I rubbed my lips on the back of my hand...nothing. I had to use makeup remover to get it off. So, if you are looking for something that lasts and lasts I would check this out. The eyeliner also lasts and I love it because it has a smudger AND sharpener in the end of it. So, everything is right there.

From the HiP line I am loving the eyeshadows in the Bright Shadow Duos ($6). You can use both colors or just one if you are in a hurry. And they come in a bunch of different combinations. They last all day and go on really well. The other item from the HiP line is the Jelly Balm - which Jenn also already mentioned. I really like mine and use it when I'm home since I already have too many to mention in my handbag.

The last product from L'Oreal is the Brow Stylist Professional ($9.95). This awesome eyebrow pencil is not only a pencil, but also has a brush on the lid and mini tweezers in the bottom. Again, everything you need all in one handy little pencil. Love that!

You can check out all of these pretty much everywhere L'Oreal is sold or at

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Anonymous said...

I love L'Oreal too and their HiP line is fantastic. Have you tried their gel eyeliners yet? Lovely! (but here's a hint... the Jane ones are basically the same and 1/2 the price... weeee!)

jkim said...

i recently re-discovered l'oreal myself. (i think i've found my hg lipstick in their colour riche line.) great minds...!!!

Jenn said...

Hi Ladies!!

I have not tried the gel eyeliners yet but I will look into those as well as the Jane ones. Thanks for the heads up.

Great minds indeed!! HG Lipstick?! I think I need to check out the Colour Riche line too. So many great products, so little time... ;0)

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