Monday, September 8, 2008

aveda fashion week trend report...preen

Direct from Aveda is their look for the fabulous Preen show.

Hair guru extraordinaire Eugene Souleiman created the looks for Aveda.

Souleiman describes the look as androgynous with a hint of romance.

The front is quite masculine, sides are sculpted with a raked-back effect and the remainder of the hair is tied into a loose, low-slung knot at the nape of the neck.

We think that this is something that would look great for going out, or even as an alternative to the low slung pony.

Here's how you can replicate the look at home:

Step 1: Section off a triangle behind the crown of the head and pull back. Spray the sides with Volumizing Tonic and comb hair back with a wide tooth comb to create separation and a raked-back look. Dry sides of hair with a diffuser.

Step 2: Separate top triangle of hair into two sections, top and bottom. Blow dry each half straight and spray with Volumizing Tonic.

Step 3: Release both sections of hair and comb together with a fine tooth comb first, then a wide tooth comb (comb lines should be visible), adding more Volumizing Tonic to roots, to create a raked back effect.

Step 4: Slightly loosen shape with fingers to diminish comb marks and separate with hair pins. Dry with a diffuser.

Step 5: Pull all hair back, twist and tie into a low-slung knot a bit off center. Pull knot to tighten and finish the look with a list misting of Air Control Hair Spray.

It's a fabulous look that pairs nicely with the easy going makeup.

Just add a light foundation, or spot conceal if you can get away with it.

Use a cream based eye shadow in a light brownish color, a barely there light blush, and go for a softly colored lip that's just a your-lips-only-better color.


Love this look.

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With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine
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