Friday, September 19, 2008

beauty buys...l'oreal paris true match foundation

Am I horrible or what?

I never brought you the promised posting on the makeup that we used at our L'Oreal Feria Hair Coloring Party.

It's just so wrong to leave you in major suspense like that.

I promise that we will do something pretty cool to make up for it, but for now I'd like to bring you one of the products that we used that delivered amazing results.

L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation.

Considering you can buy this full price for a little over $10 and on sale for even's a phenomenal buy.

And it's won awards from InStyle and Allure as best inexpensive and best drugstore foundation.

I used it on the girls at the party and we all immediately noticed how it went on so smoothly and evenly. It also provided a glow, thanks to teeny-tiny light reflecting particles. The shades we used matched their skin color perfectly too.

Even though both had gorgeous skin to start with, this actually gave them the sought after my-skin-only-better look that...really...doesn't everyone want?

One of the girls even commented that she liked it so much it might just replace her fave department store foundation that she's used for years.

So's fabulous.

Try for more info.

photo courtesy of l'oreal
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bbbght said...

l'oreal paris true match foundation is HORRIBLE. DISGUSTING. CHEAP AND UGLY. It felt like syrup on my face! and i only bought it cuz it had Beyonce's face on the poster above it, and it said she wore it! ugh im such a silly goose. Maybelline mineral power is MUCH MUCH better

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