Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the craziness that is fashion week

I was going to talk about something beauty related today, but I'd rather talk about my experience this weekend and then get back to all things beauty later. Jenn will also be putting up a post on her take of Fashion Week.

This was my first time to NYC so my goals for the weekend were to see a couple celebrities, meet some fellow bloggers, people watch like it was going out of style, and just take the whole experience in. And I accomplished all of the above.

Saturday didn't start off well for me - my hair looked absolutely crazy, Jenn said it wasn't that bad and tried to help me out, but it was crazy. Then we left for the train and stepped outside, it went from crazy to frizzball crazy.

A big thank you to whichever of the tropical storms/hurricanes that was. It was humid and muggy and just icky and it was all reflected in my hair. Luckily I wasn't the only one afflicted, but still I had to walk around with it all day.

We went to the Total Beauty suite and they had Massimo there doing touch ups. Thank you, thank you, thank you Total Beauty. After being touched up, we headed over to the tents where my hair instantly fell and frizzed again.

It was amazing to be in there. It was overwhelming at first but amazing. The people watching in there is out of this world.

Later we were out walking around trying to find a cute place for lunch. A couple of girls were out asking if we wanted our hair, makeup and nails done.

Ummm......yes please.

Turns out the Style Network had a bus all tricked out. I got my makeup redone - I'm pretty sure I left whatever makeup that was still on my face back in the tents. And then I had my hair touched up. It wasn't styled exactly how I would have done it, but it had volume and no frizz so I wasn't complaining.

After lunch we headed back to Byrant Park for some more people watching and the Havaianas booth. My goal for Saturday was to get a pair of Havaianas flips. I heard they were there and I wasn't leaving until I got a pair.

I have a bit of a flips problem. I would tell you how many I have but I honestly do not know, I'll just say a lot. So to say I was excited was an understatement. Then someone mentioned that they were only there the day before and my mood was quickly going sour.

But everything became wonderful again when we found out the make-them-yourself Havaianas booth was going to be open at 3. We started and then stood in that line for an hour. I got a pair and I love them and I will wear them until it's so cold outside I risk losing toes. You think I'm joking, but I'm totally serious.

While people watching I pointed out a couple of the designers from last season's Project Runway - Jack and Kevin. I totally got caught telling Jenn about it (partly due to Jenn yelling Where?!?! Where?!?!) by Kevin and he came over and said hi and we ended up taking our pictures with him. He was really nice, but it still was embarrassing to get caught. Thanks Jenn!

Our next stop was a cocktail party for Total Beauty bloggers hosted by Sebastian. At this point, it had totally started with the torrential downpour, so thank the stars above they had 2 people there doing touch ups on hair because we still had to go backstage at the Ruffian show and interview the key makeup artist and key hairstylist (which we will be talking about later this week). The party was a lot of fun and it was nice to get to know everyone better.

On Sunday, my goal was pure people watching. On Saturday we saw Ms. Jay from America's Next Top Model, Jenn and I were talking and wondering who else we would see from that show and I said I would die if I saw Nigel Barker.

Back to Sunday...we walked into the Main Tent after going to brunch and there was a huge crowd at the M&M booth, so we beelined it to the crowd.

There had to be someone huge over there...and there was...Nigel Barker ladies and gentlemen.

My trip was complete.

There were about 3 people separating me from him and I was taking pictures like crazy. And then Eva Longoria-Parker came out from the booth. Crazy! So after they left and went into the show we were talking with some fellow bloggers and who came back out? Nigel Barker! He walked right past us and we asked if we could take his picture and then Jenn asked if he would take one with me....I was so nervous I didn't say anything to him. I think I may have said "thank you" after she took the picture. I am such the dork.

After I gathered myself we went to Elke's to have our eyebrows done (which I will be telling you all about later this week). We had a great time and our eyebrows have never looked better.

After that it was off to have dinner with MAC and some fellow bloggers (the pic below is from the dinner). The food was amazing and again hanging out with the other bloggers was too much fun.

When I realized it was 11pm and we still had to catch a train back to New Jersey and then drive back to Virginia, we decided our amazing time in NYC had to come to an end.

I had a great time and found myself amazed several times that I was 1) in NYC and 2) at Fashion Week with access to everything. I am extra glad Jenn was there with me. It was great to be able to point out some of the crazy (like needed to be locked up crazy) things and people we saw and be able to spend time together without our sons running around. And it was really great to meet some of the other beauty bloggers out there.

Jenn will be telling you all about her experience and about some other things we were able to do and what crazy antics she got herself into...a little teaser....Finola Hughes was involved and it was awesome. We were still laughing about it on our drive home Sunday night at 2 am.

I'm still trying to catch up on all the sleeping I missed out on this weekend. I felt like a train hit me yesterday. I guess that's what happens when you get home at 5 am and your son wakes you up at 7 am. I remember back in the day when I could go out and miss sleep and still be functional the next day. When did I lose that?

I'm off to squeeze in a nap while my son is taking one too.


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