Tuesday, September 16, 2008

exceptionnel de chanel mascara ...the review

As Jenn mentioned, we were both crazy excited to hear about Chanel's new mascara. We were even more excited to try it out, then Jenn was less excited and I was beside myself with excitement when it was Smoky Brun (brown). She tried it out and it was too light for her and perfect for me.

I love this mascara and you all know how I feel about mascara. I wear it every day and won't leave the house without it and I even wear it when I'm home all day. That is how you can tell if I'm feeling ill - I won't bother to put it on. And you all know I am dedicated to CoverGirl Lash Blast and I still wear it most days. But this mascara gives it a serious run for it's money.

The Exceptionnel de Chanel Mascara ($28) has a crazy six-sided brush that I was skeptical of, but it really does make a difference when applying it. It is meant to be help out and provide a smudge-free and clump-proof application. It took me a few tries to get use to it. So the first few applications I had clumps and mascara everywhere, but now that I am use to it, I love it.

I had it on the other day and my husband made a comment that my eyelashes really stood out and looked good, without me prompting him. I am dying to try the Smoky Violine (purple)....I know it's purple, but I have green eyes and purple makes green greener. I think it would be dark enough, it wouldn't look to crazy or might look good layered on top of another mascara for a hint of color. There are 4 colors available, Smoky Marine (blue), Smoky Violine, Smoky Brun, and Smoky Noir (black).

All four are now available on chanel.com any department store that carries Chanel. I have been waiting for September, knowing this is when the 3 other colors were to be released. And I will be heading over to Nordstroms or Neimans to pick up the purple. Or at least try it out at the counter and be able to see it in person.

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