Monday, September 22, 2008

fhi platform nano flat iron

No matter what I do or use in my hair...I still have two crazy cowlicks on either side of my temples that drive me insane.

Add into the mix the few hairs along the side of my face that have all of a sudden decided to become wavier for no apparent reason and now you know why I need a flat iron.

I had another one that over the course of time sort of lost its straightening mojo.

So when the chance came for me to try this one, I pounced on it like a hungry tiger.

All I can say now is...say hello to my (new) little friend...the FHI Platform Nano 1" Flat Iron ($130).

I'm totally bananas over it...sorry, been watching The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo a little too much lately.

When I use this, it quickly and easily straightens my hair without making it feel fried and dry.

Just shiny, soft, and fabulous.

It also glides along smoothly without grabbing onto my hairs (thanks tourmaline treated plates!) and manages to straighten it perfectly without having to do more than one passing.

My other flat iron can't compare in the adjustable heat department either...for that one it's either on or it's off.

The FHI contains ceramic heaters that deliver adjustable heat from 140 degrees to a maximum temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus it heats up ultra fast.

And the reason my hair is so shiny is because of FHI's patented Nano Fuzeion Technology.

Through this technology, negative ions are suspended directly over the plates, which maximizes the ionic effect and results in even shinier and healthier hair over all.

Done and done...bananas

For more info, or to purchase...head on over to

They've also decided to help you out and provide some coupons, should you decide to put one of their flatirons in your cart:

$5.00 off a CHI (1") Original Flat Iron by Farouk. Use the coupon code : JA88BC at checkout.

$5.00 off a FHI (1") Platform Nano Flat Iron. Use the coupon code: bc2008 at checkout.

10% off the entire site! Use the coupon code BEAUTYCHOICE101 at checkout.

Be sure to use them before 12-31-08...that's when they expire.

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