Tuesday, September 16, 2008

kate somerville oil free moisturizer...the review

Afraid to moisturize - but want to fight those lines? Sensitive or prone to breakouts? Finally - an oil-free moisturizer that delivers RESULTS!

It was as if Kate Somerville was talking directly to me and said, "Hey Christine, I made this for you. I know you have had a rough time finding the right moisturizer, but I think you might fall in love with this one."

Ummm.......I did. I fell head over heels in love with this little jar of miracles. Before this moisturizer, there have been a few that worked fine, but nothing that addressed the oily issue I have, as well as, the sensitive skin issue. After using this I rarely get oily and if I do it's much later in the day and just around my nose a little bit.

There are all kinds of goodies in it too. It has an Algae-based Pepha-Tight® that helps to tone and hydrate, while also working to help fight wrinkles. There are also sea plant extracts in there to help collagen production, and an unique blend of ingredients to help absorb oil and reflect light. This moisturizer is ideal for oily, sensitive, and combination skin types.

This moisturizer is $65 and available at katesomerville.com, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and QVC.

My husband doesn't know it yet but I will be purchasing this when my sample runs out. I might have to space out my Nordstrom purchases though. If I buy this and the Chanel mascara I mentioned earlier today at the same time I might be disowned.....but at least I'll look good.

photo courtesy of katesomerville.com
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