Monday, September 15, 2008

lorac natural performance foundation

Beauty companies are finally starting to get it.

They're starting to get the fact that it would be amazing if foundations would not only be seen as something to cover-up the skin, but also seen as a way to improve the skin.

That's what so genius about this product.

It's a foundation that also contains ingredients that will help to improve your skin over time.

LORAC Natural Performance Foundation ($35) contains vitamins that work as anti-oxidents, anti-inflammatories, and other ingredients that provide natural cell-regenerating properties.

Plus it literally feels like you have nothing long, and also lasts all day.

No wonder why it's featured in the October Marie Claire as one of the new offerings in anti-aging foundations.

I put it on in the morning, with my fave foundation brush...making sure to get around my nose and under the skin has slight discoloration in those two areas.

It's the perfect my-skin-only-better base with a subtle luminescent quality that's fabulous...and lasts without worrying about having to touch up later.

I'll follow up with whatever blush I'm feeling, add a swipe of mascara and I'm done.


Try and to buy or for more info.

photo courtesy of lorac
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Amy E said...

Love this foundation. Not to be dramatic, it has changed my life. I was feeling fat, pregnant and ugly so I took a trip to my local Ulta. The friendly saleslady evangelized this product to me and everything has been rosy since!

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