Tuesday, September 2, 2008

l'oreal paris skin genesis daily moisturizer and treatment serum concentrate

It is so so hard to find a decent moisturizer when you have sensitive, oily skin that is sometimes combination skin. I hesitate every single time I'm about to try out a new product on my face...so much so I have reverted back to my original products all this week so I don't look like a connect the dots poster this weekend at Fashion Week.

So when I received the L'Oreal Skin Genesis Daily Moisturizer (pink bottle, $25.99) AND the Daily Treatment Serum (silver bottle, $19.99), I almost had a heart attack....not one but two products to try out.

I thought this was going to go one of two ways - either my skin was going to be crazy oily and I was about to be the above mentioned poster or it was going to dry out my skin and I was about to be the above mentioned poster.

Right off the bat...both products smell great. Almost to the point where I didn't care how they reacted with my skin.....almost. I tried both products together in the morning after my shower. I have to say that I did remain oil-free much, much longer than I normally do and there were no breakouts. Both go on very light and absorb very quickly so you don't have to wait around for a while until it all soaks in. My skin felt much smoother and I also noticed my makeup went on better, but I still used a primer. I think if I was in a hurry I would be able to skip the primer step and still be looking good. There are two negatives...1) no SPF (but they do make a moisturizer with SPF but it's not an oil-free one) and 2) there is alcohol listed pretty high up on the ingredient list....so if your skin is more on the dry side I would use this with caution or try something else.

The L'Oreal Skin Genesis line is a technologically-advanced, cell-strengthening system for stronger, tighter, more even skin.Formulated with patented Pro-Xylane™, an exclusive L’OrĂ©al molecule that strengthens skin and reignites cell activity layer by layer, and hyaluronic acid, skin’s natural hydrator. The Serum is a daily pre-moisturizing serum concentrate – a crystal clear, lightweight texture, that delivers the highest concentration of the active ingredients to boost effectiveness. And the oil-free moisturizer is a non-greasy hydrator that immediately creates a more flawless complexion by instantly smoothing skin’s surface and evening skin’s tone. Suitable for all skin types, especially for those with oily skin, it leaves behind a soft, powdery finish.

I would not hesitate to try both of these products again. If you have sensitive skin or dry skin I would check out the ingredient list before trying either one of these products. If you have normal and/or oily skin I would definitely recommend them. If I still had them around, I would be using them this week and the weekend in New York to get my skin in tip-top shape.

Check out more reviews on totalbeauty.com for both products. For reviews on the Moisturizer, click here. And for the Serum, click here.

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