Friday, September 12, 2008

mac and the white house

Being in the DC area we are close to all the action going on with our country and those who are in the running to run it. It was a hot topic of discussion at Fashion Week once people found out we lived in the area. So this new release from MAC Cosmetics comes at great timing....

It’s the beginning of September, and all eyes are on New York Fashion Week and the upcoming Presidential Elections. So, this season M·A·C Cosmetics is bringing Election Day to New York Fashion Week. As the leading makeup authority and official makeup sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009, M·A·C Cosmetics is backstage at over 85 shows, creating and defining the beauty looks for the upcoming season. And with Election Day fast approaching and the nation’s focus on a change in leadership, M·A·C uses the backstage at FashionWeek as its platform to weigh in on what they envision the key White House beauty trends to be for some of Washington’s top female contenders. November 4th is just around the corner, so M·A·C. takes its first beauty poll backstage and let’s the fashionistas decide.

“Washington power women are in the spotlight and have to look and feel their best not only in person, but also on television. In a world of High Definition television that shows every facial imperfection, makeup has to be flawless and refined, which can be incredibly challenging”, says Gordon Espinet, Vice President of Makeup Artistry, M·A·C Cosmetics Worldwide. “Red Lipstick is a great option as it commands attention and communicates a desire to be taken seriously. Blotting Powder is a must especially under hot lights as it keeps oil at bay and prevents shine. Mascara opens and defines the eyes, and M·A·C’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural is an essential as it gives a smooth, even finish without a cakey look.”

M·A·C’s talented Senior Artists created various beauty looks they feel will appeal to the women who are immersed in this hot political season and that can easily take them from a debate to an evening gala – no matter what skin tone or hair colour you have – M·A·C has colours that will help make you look like the belle of the ball.

All of these looks can easily be translated for those of us who won't frequently visit the Oval office in the next four years but still look fabulous day or night.

You can click on any of the pictures for a closer look and to see what makeup the artists used.

with love (always),
Jennifer and Christine
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**And a side note...all of the the pictures where arranged in random order, we are politically neutral here at Beauty in Real Life.

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