Monday, September 29, 2008

matrix essentials sleek look shampoo and conditioner

Matrix Essentials Sleek Look Shampoo and Conditioner have quickly become two of my most used products.

There is a reason why it makes the list of top hair products and favorites of consumers.

They both have the ability to take my know, the hair that has all of a sudden decided to become wavy in sections....and deliver the most perfect blow-out full of body and straightness.

It's moisturizing, and really works to help control the poufiness that I sometimes get.

Plus, it has ingredients that optimize moisture levels and create a barrier against humidity.

While it doesn't weigh down my hair after repeated use, I do recommend switching it up with a purifying shampoo...or a volumizing shampoo a couple of times a week. That's what I've been doing and it works great.

Another cool thing is that the tops of the bottles have different color caps...perfect for when you're fumbling around in the shower trying to find what you need.

Something else I love is the price, it's under $20, normally right around the $15 dollar mark. It also goes on sale quite often at Ulta (right now it's buy two get one free) so you could even pick one up for even less!

That's always a good thing.

photo courtesy of matrix
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cheap cosmetics said...

How long it's workable?I faced the severe problem due to hair failing and damaging.Tried a lot for this,but don't get any successful result.Is Matrix is more reliable than other?Need some suggestion.Thanks...

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