Thursday, September 4, 2008

mercedes benz fashion week and evian water

So, we're getting ready to hit the road tomorrow.

Both of us are just settling on what clothes we want to bring and can fit into two small-ish bags...we are notorious over packers...seriously...just ask our husbands.

This press release popped up in our inboxes the other day and really piqued our interests...considering it involves our other loves, fashion and shoes....

At the upcoming Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Evian® Natural Spring Water will unveil an eco-luxury presence as the official bottled water of the Bryant Park tents from September 5-12.

Evian has a longstanding history of supporting the fashion community and now, in turn, the fashion community is championing the luxury spring water’s efforts to become more environmentally friendly and globally beneficent, a top priority of Evian’s for decades.

To create a lasting visual impression of its sustainable efforts, Evian has partnered with Viridis Luxe. The mission of this fashion house is to provide sustainable and luxurious clothing to those who are making the choice to tread lightly on the planet while continuing to enjoy fashion, luxury and style.

Their signature organic fabric, an exclusive to Viridis Luxe, is a revolutionary blend of the finest cashmere with long-fiber hemp.

The “Evian Girls,” a favored presence in the Bryant Park tents this past February, will be draped in chic two-toned dresses of “Evian pink” and hot pink, with a plunging neckline held in place by braided straps that flow down the back.

Because no great outfit is complete without a pair of fabulous pair of shoes, designer Gracienne Myers is created custom-designed stilettos with exclusive designed fabric emblazoned with Evian labels for the Evian Girls. For this project, Myers chose a factory with an eco-aware approach to shoe manufacturing.

Going beyond the greening of its models, Evian will also make a donation to the Evian Water Protection Institute on behalf of all participating designers this season’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine


Anonymous said...

Have fun at fashion week, ladies. Wish I was going! (off to pout now...)

Anonymous said...

Great fashion week..! Really a good time to get designer shoes.

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