Friday, September 5, 2008

metropolis technology vented ionic tunnel brush

Nothing beats a great vent brush when trying to do a quick blow dry.

This Vented Ionic Tunnel Brush from Metropolis Technology has been my go-to tool while blow drying lately.

It has a comfortable grip and non-static-inducing bristles...which thank goodness because I hate brushes that cause static.

The reason why you won't get the static, is because each bristle is infused with silver nano particles to reduce fly-aways.

The Silver Nano Technology also helps to purify and remove odors , as well as create shinier hair.

A ceramic coating on the barrel, helps to generate gentle heat and eliminate heat stress on hair.

Plus it glides through my hair easily yet manages to grip my fine, but thick hair perfectly.

What's even better about it, is the price...I found it on for $9.95. Not a bad deal for a fabulous brush.

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