Friday, September 12, 2008

philip b rejuvenating oil

I'm a typical Leo through and through...totally fanatical about my hair.

I'll condition daily and deep condition periodically, to ensure that it's always on top of its game.

But I do get lazy with the deep conditioning, I have to admit.

This is fabulous for me because you can use it from 1 to 4 times a month...if your hair is on the normal to dry side...or once a week if your hair is really dry.

I've used this as an overnight treatment and am banoodles over the results that I got.

Shiny, bouncy, and rejuvenated hair that looks completely gorgeous.

They give you several options on how to apply it depending on your hair type...for my hair, even though it's not really in the damaged department...I decided to leave it on overnight.

I applied two droppers full to my dry hair from the midshaft down and combed it through.

My hair definitely resembled an oil slick once I was done...and I worried that it would be hard to shampoo out in the morning.

But it wasn't. I used a clarifying shampoo and it came out easily. I followed up with my regular conditioner and did not use a volumizing product. My hair was still full of body and looked great!

My cuticles even looked divine because I rubbed the extra oil into them!

To top it off, this is actually on the low end for a product of this's only $30. Considering that the bottle is a full two ounces, contains natural ingredients, and smells so could have easily cost a lot more.

Try for more information or to purchase.

photo courtesy of philip b
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