Sunday, September 28, 2008

updates and how to look like a victoria's secret model here's the deal. We did a poll a little while ago, asking for your input on the Beauty Bytes that we were running from Total Beauty.

While we didn't get all 100 responses like we wanted, we did hear from many of thank you for those that did respond.

Christine and I got together and made a decision. We've decided to only post them once a the more everyday. And we'll only post the ones we think you'd like to read about....or at least find entertaining.

So...if it's something you'd like to read more about, by all means click away. If you don't want to read it...not a problem will totally not hurt our feelings.

So, without further's the newest beauty bit from Total Beauty. This one's about how to look as good as a Victoria's Secret Model.(Um...yeah...sure...and next week we'll give you tips on how to date George Clooney.)

Seriously though...they do provide some great tips for enhancing your best features. So without further on. content:

Look as Good as the Victoria's Secret Models

Behind-the-scenes tips to show off skin, hairstyles, makeup, legs and more

Self-conscious about your nose but love your eyes? Want people to focus on your amazing legs? We got the hairstylists and makeup artists responsible for A-list celebs -- from the Victoria's Secret gang to Angelina Jolie -- to dish on how to show off your best features.

Get expert tips

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine


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