Friday, September 26, 2008

what i would use if i was on grey's anatomy - lorac double feature

Alright, so last night's Grey's Anatomy almost had me there...totally thought for a sec that McDreamy died in the beginning...then...of was a dream sequence.

After that initial freak out on my and Big L's part...yeah...totally got him into the show too...we settled in and watched the rest of the season premiere unfold.

And I silently died over McSteamy every time he was onscreen...every time.

Anyway...where I was going with this is, for a show that is about doctors and their lives at home and at really needs to work on making their actors actually look like they're tired.

I mean...seriously...their characters are supposed to be working insane hours...getting little or no sleep...and they look perfect...not the least bit tired looking.

Two reasons for that.

One, it's a show and they are actors...duh...they have to look good...unless they're really going for an Emmy, then all bets are off. Two, concealer and a great makeup artist work wonders.

While I don't have a makeup artist on speed dial...I can recommend a product that'll help.

This is LORAC Double Feature ($24) and it's pure genius. Love it for the innovative concept...concealer and highlighter, plus a rollerball blender in one.

Love it even more for the fact that it makes me look all-at-once awake and I got those 8 hours of sleep they always tell you to get...when in reality I got like 5.

It comes in three colors...I've been using DF2 which is warm/medium. Perfect for my skin tone.

The concealer part is a stick that smoothly blends on...just make sure that you've put on your eye cream for a good slip. The highlighter stick matches the concealer perfectly and lightens any dark spots you you can use it anywhere on your face (think cheekbones, brow bones, the area around the bottom of your nose, etc...)

Adore that.

The rollerball is meant to be used after the concealer to blend it in....and...can I just tell has this fabulous cooling effect that I so need many me.

Try to purchase or for more info.

photo courtesy of sephora

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Unknown said...

What a great angle on the show! Not a product user myself, I never would have thought of the point you make about the way they look. You're right! My brother is an ER doc and he always looks tired. Leave some of your insights on the Grey's facebook page. I'm sure people would love to get your perspective.

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