Tuesday, October 14, 2008

5 minutes, 5 questions with ben skervin

Ben Skervin, Celebrity Hairstylist, has worked with an enviable celebrity client list including Keira Knightley, Madonna, Cat Deeley, Natalie Imbruglia, Orlando Bloom and Hugh Jackman. His newest role is as the new International Hair Stylist for Head & Shoulders. And he is also our latest victim of 5 minutes, 5 questions. Enjoy!

1. What hair trends are you loving for fall?

Soft Waves - Texturized and flowing hair
Relaxed Updo - Loose and messy
Sleek Ponytail - Smooth and shiny

2. What's the best way to pump up the volume in our hair?

Use volumizing products shampoos and styling. Also, try blow drying upside down.

3. How can we keep our hair and our scalps healthy?

Using a haircare system containing a zinc compound formula is best, such as Head & Shoulders. Using an ordinary cosmetic conditioner with a H&S shampoo can wash away up to 70 percent of scalp care ingredients deposited on the scalp, the Head & Shoulders conditioners contain 0.5 percent pyrithione zinc (ZPT) to help maintain and enhance scalp protection. Using a system like Smooth & Silky shampoo and conditioner will provide you a healthy scalp and healthy hair.

4. We're trying to grow out our hair and it's not going so well. What are some things we can do to get us through that awkward stage?

If you are growing your hair out and you notice the ends are getting limp and straggly consider getting more frequent trims. It will keep your hair looking fresh and help it grow faster to your desired length.

5. What's the best piece of beauty advice that you've ever received?

Always use less hair product than you think you need as you can always add more but you can't take out!!!!!!

Uhh, we are both guilty of the last one there. We have learned over the years to start with less and slowly add more - especially when it comes to waxes, mousse, hairspray. Christine still has the occasional overuse mishap, but we are working on it. She just gets so excited to try out new hair products!

For more info on Head and Shoulders, check out headandshoulders.com.

with love (always),
Jennifer and Christine
proud members of total beauty and the bbn networks


Anonymous said...

Wow, the whole "getting trims will make your hair grow faster" is a horrible misconception, and I'm surprised this professional doesn't know better. Your hair has no way of being affected by trims like that! It's not like the ends of your hair can communicate with the top of your head, telling it to grow hair faster because they've just been trimmed!

sharon said...

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