Monday, October 13, 2008

anastasia beverly hills brow enhancing serum

Did I ever tell you about the time I had my eyebrows waxed by an overzealous plucker who plucked half of my one eyebrow away?


Or the one who decided to forgo her usual amazing waxing and tweezing skills, only to instead pick up a razor and shave my eyebrows into bizarre thin wisps?


Then I had to have told you about the most recent encounter (a few months ago) with the over-zealous waxer...right?

The one who left one of my eyebrows looking something like a tadpole...a fat body with a squiggly tail?


Yeah...that really nice person left me afraid to set my tooshie down in a waxer's chair for a while.

Since that incident, I've tried numerous things to get my brows to grow back.

Only two things have worked...exfoliating the brow area (Elke's tip) and this...Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum ($35).

Since using both before our visit with the fab Elke, I noticed a major improvement in the growth of the hairs in the brow area.

Together, they are the one-two punch that deliver thicker brows.


I apply this at night on clean dry skin (after cleansing and exfoliating) and saw results after a couple of weeks (they say it can take up to four).

It doesn't smell or irritate my eyes and my eyes tend to be sensitive to things like that. Plus it's clear if you're in bed with the hubster, he won't look at you funny.

The price is a little up there, but mine has lasted my a while and once you've noticed better growth, you can always lengthen the time between applications.

One tip though...the brush itself doesn't get all the way down inside the container. So you might need a QTip to get at what's left once you're at that point.

Try,, or to purchase.


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