Wednesday, October 29, 2008

beauty buys under $10 - herbal essences body envy volumizing shampoo and conditioner

So the other week, I was literally having the most craptastic week ever.

First off, I woke up to the eye infection from hell. Or at least the eye doctor I went to thought it was the eye infection from hell.

Turns out it..well...not quite sure what it was really because after a week it ran it's course and went away.

FYI...that's definitely not due to the eye doctor's superior prescribing skills.

Basically, instead of some drops or eye goo, she gave me pills. Pills that apparently are the stuff you would prescribe after a tick bite in the hopes to prevent Lyme Disease.


So that's why my eye like NEVER HEALED until I stopped taking it. Thanks doctor.

Until it did heal, I had to relegate myself to not testing any eye makeup at all.

That meant no mascaras, no eye shadows, eyeliners, concealers, etc...

For the love of God I was going insane.

So as not to depress myself further...and draw attention to my hideous red, puffy, and oozing eye...I concentrated on other areas of the body.

That's where this shampoo and conditioner came in.

They were my saving grace and have henceforth been given a permanent place in my shower.

Let me just tell you, that's not an easy feat.

It's getting really cramped in there with all of the things that I test on a daily.

What makes these so special?

Well, for one, they are a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Seriously...they are.

The shampoo manages to clean without stripping or dryness...and condition it enough to feel soft, shiny, and not heavy.

Just unreal volume that lasts through the entire day...I kid you not.

Plus the scent is that perfect I-can't-stop-sniffing-my-hair scent that makes me smile everytime I get a whiff of it.

And it made Big L actually STROKE my hair and say the your hair feels so soft and silky...I love how it smells too.

No joke.

The most fabulous part is that you can pick these up for way under $10 at any Target, Walmart, CVS, any mass market retailer, and

Oh and if you head on over to, you can take a really cute interactive quiz that will help you find your fragrance factor. Both Christine and me took it, and that's how we both figured out that Body Envy matched us perfectly.

Head on over now to check out your best scent match and also find out more info on how you might be able to get a free* haircut!

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*limited time offer. check with for more info.


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