Thursday, October 2, 2008

beautylash md giveaway winners....

Here are the 5 lucky winners of the Beautylash MD ($65 each):

Raha D.,

Jennifer E.,

Julie D.,

Jen H.,

and Hazel E.

Congratulations ladies!!! Keep an eye out on your mailboxes, these should be headed your way shortly.

And for those who didn't get a Beautylash today, we have another giveaway starting tonight at midnight and is only going for 24 hours, so please come back later tonight or tomorrow to get all the information and enter!

with love (always),
Jennifer and Christine

1 Comment:

Hazel E. said...

ah, i know this is 5 days late but THANK YOU SO MUCH! I received it today. I didn't even know i won lol. Not only do you have great giveaways but great content as well. Thanks once again!

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