Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the brick artist + neiman marcus christmas book = one heck of an expensive holiday gift

Alright, so this is nuts.

You see this guy here?

This guy is Nathan Sawaya. He's an artist. Except his medium is something that I literally step on a million times a day in my living room...Legos.

He can replicate anything...bridges, animals, buildings, even people.

What the cool part?

Well, as I was perusing through my new Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, guess what I saw in the Wow! Gifts section?

For the mere price of $60,000 each, you can get a life-sized replica of yourself and your loved one in Legos.


And the crazy thing is...they look like you!

Well, not exactly. They have a weird video game circa early eighties feel to them, but they do look eerily similar.

Try to find out where you can get your copy of the Christmas book.

photo courtesy of the art of the brick
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1 Comment:

Got a Secret? said...

That is the greatest gift ever, no one would re-gift it!

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