Saturday, October 18, 2008

christine's nail color of the week...the good earth

Today I found myself surrounded with Fall. It was drastically cooler than the previous week, a little windy, and cloudy.

Leaves were falling everywhere.

I knew I needed to redo the nails and wanted to use a color that screamed "Fall is here!"

What did I find in my massive, ever-expanding bin of polish?

Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen - The Good Earth. Below is the picture (taken outside). It is a deep brown with a very subtle shimmer to it, so that it's not too flat. I am liking it. I have caught myself checking out my nails several times today.

Tomorrow will be the real test and the family are headed to Busch Gardens, if the manicure can survive a theme park and a toddler it can survive anything.

You can find Sally Hansen almost everywhere and retails for around $6.

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