Tuesday, October 28, 2008

christine's nail color of the week...i'm not really a waitress

I didn't forget!!

This week I am wearing OPI's I'm Not Really A Waitress. I normally reserve this color for the toes, but I was feeling adventurous. It's a deep red. I think the picture on the left is with flash and the one on the right is without flash. It looks more like the picture on the right. I seriously need a new camera.

I stumbled across this color about a year ago when I went for a pedicure. I love this color. It was really hard to find and totally scored on Makeup Alley. Then recently I was at Ulta, and they had a whole display just for this color, so it shouldn't be so hard to find anymore.

Next week....I'm not sure yet. Maybe something lighter, I have been doing a lot of darker colors lately. I'll have to wait and see how I feel while perusing my options.

A brief note...I went and had a manicure done right before I took these pictures. It was one of the worst I have ever had, so please don't look too closely at the nails, just enjoy the color!



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