Friday, October 10, 2008

duwop eyecatchers...for the perfect smudge-y eye

DuWop Eyecatchers ($18.50) are genius.

They come in four colors:

blue eye intensifier - rich amber brown with blue and gold flecks
green eye intensifier - lush burgundy plum with bronze flecks
brown eye intensifier - deep blue violet with golden shimmer
all eye intensifier - velvety black

All you have to do is find your eye color and that is the one you can use to make your eyes stand out even more.

I actually tried the All Eye's black, but not the scary black that you think you can't use. More like a softer black that allows you to create the easiest smudge-y eye you've ever done.

All I did was apply a good amount of it on the inside rim of my bottom eye and then (this sounds crazy, but it works) smush my eyes together and hold them like that for a few seconds.

Then I opened up my eyes and added a little more here and there until it looked gorgeous...smudging a little with my fingers and a QTip as I went.

I finished off with a coat of mascara on my upper lashes and I was done. A perfect eye look that only took a couple of minutes to achieve.

Plus it gave my brown eye color a little oomph.


Try for more info or to purchase.

photo courtesy of duwop
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