Sunday, October 19, 2008

elgydium toothpastes and brushes...a fave of celebs

What do Chloe Sevigny, Allison Janney and Rachel Leigh Cook all have in common?

Well, besides being actresses, they are fans of the Elgydium line of oral care products.

In fact Elgydium (the leading oral care line from France) is so popular, it was also featured in one of this year’s most coveted gift bag, the 12th Annual Entertainment Tonight Emmy Party gift bag.

For this year’s bag, party-goers and red carpet stars alike received the line’s most popular products, favorites of the French, fabulous and famous...Elgydium Whitening toothpaste and Whitening toothbrush.

We were both given a chance to try out both toothpastes and the brushes as well.

The brushes come in four different styles:

The Creation Toothbrush - its advanced design offers precision, control and comfort while brushing. The bristles are diamond-rounded for gentle yet thorough cleaning.

The Whitening Toothbrush - featuring double rows of diamond-rounded bristles that use Microball technology for gentle cleaning, whitening and increased removal of plaque (up to 48% in clinical studies).

The Supreme Toothbrush - non-slip rubber grips on all sides, in addition to multi-level bristles to reach all areas of the teeth and gums. Four raised, rubber polishing ridges enhance teeth whitening and cleaning of the gum line and triangular, textured bristles also help to ensure an effective cleaning.

The Luminous Toothbrush - offers non-slip rubber grips on all sides, a small head and a long, slender neck for ease in accessing hard to reach areas and for enhanced comfort.

You can even get them in different colors as well.

What I love about the toothpaste is the fact that it's minty without being overwhelmingly so. It cleans my teeth well and keeps them feeling that way.

I love using it with my favorite electric tooth brush, but testing out their brushes left me waxing a tad bit nostalgic for a manual one.

The one I tried (the Whitening toothbrush) really got in there and did a pretty fabulous job of cleaning my teeth and making them feel polished.

Big L even liked the one that I gave him to test, the Supreme, that he's actually been inching away from his other clunky electric one more and more.

While, truthfully, it's hard to go back to manual after using our electric wonders...these brushes will definitely find their way into our carry-on bags when we travel.

The Elgydium line is available at and

photo courtesy of elgydium

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