Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the elke brow collection - brow tamer

I take after my father when it comes to the eyebrows.

Years ago, before I started waxing the hell out of them, they used to be insanely thick and unwieldy.

Literally all over the place.

While they are definitely not as thick and out of control as they used to be, they still need grooming to stay where they need to stay.

One product I'm loving is Brow Tamer from The Elke Brow Collection ($16).

It's essentially a clear lightweight wax, that tames your hairs, but still keeps them soft and flexible. A must if you're using a brow powder or pencil, to me it kind of sets everything for the day.

Great for the man in your life too...lord knows men get those crazy brows going on there too...because it's also completely clear.

You can use it two ways, with a brush (the Multi-Task Brow Brush ($13) is utterly fab) or with your fingers.

Just take a little onto the brush and smooth away. In case your guy would freak out at the thought of an eyebrow brush coming his way...just tell him to pick up a little on his finger and smooth onto his brows.

That's it.

Perfect brows with minimal effort.

Try The Elke Brow Collection for more info or to purchase.

photo courtesy of the elke brow collection
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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Every woman needs this...including me. I can't wait to purchase it!

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