Monday, October 13, 2008

essential for victoria beckham's new pixie...the ts2 detailer tourmaline mini styling iron

We think a lot of people were shocked when Victoria Beckham (who shall forever be known as Posh Spice to us) showed up at Fashion Week in her uber chic pixie.

Take it from someone who had a pixie that need something tiny to style it if you want it to be ultra sleek.

So it's no surprize that Victoria uses the TS-2 Detailer Tourmaline Mini Styling Iron ($39) to keep things in order.

Don't let the pic of the iron fool you. It is way cute tiny.

But, it also packs a wallop.

It's the perfect size for straightening short hair, bangs, and touching up spots on your hair that might need extra attention.

Its small size allows you to get close to the scalp and the hard to style areas. The adorable size also makes it perfect for travel. Especially if you're trying to fit everything in your carry-on to avoid the major charges for extra bags.

We used it on Christine's chin length bob and loved how it easily straightened her fine blond hair effortlessly. We were able to get close to her scalp and even get those fine little baby hairs that always seem to avoid our regular flat iron.

I tried it on my crazy cowlicks and some other hairs that were being annoying that day and loved the results too.

A fabulous find.

To purchase, head on over to For more info, try or call 1.800.523.2889.

photo of victoria courtesy of google
photo of iron courtesy of ts2
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KimmyDarling said...

Y'all must be reading my mind-- my cowlicks in the back are driving me NUTS, and my regular iron is too big to get to them! I am DEFINITELY getting one of these. Thanks, girls!

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