Thursday, October 16, 2008

essie winter colors

What did I wake up to this morning in my inbox???

An email from Essie letting me know their Winter Collection is here. I am pretty much looking forward to every single color. I may just have to buy all of them, because I can't decide which one to get first. Although Rock Star Skinny did catch my eye right away.

You can get y our hands on these colors anywhere Essie is sold. Although it's early while I write this and I haven't had my morning cup o' coffee yet, I think Ulta is having a buy 2 Essie products, get the 3rd free. You can also check out

Alright, I may have to hold off on the Ulta trip, I just went online to and it says the new colors will be available November 1st, but you can buy them right now on their website. I may have to make a trip to Ulta to do some "research" and give you an update. For now drool over these lovely 6 shades and try to figure out which one to try first....

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