Wednesday, October 8, 2008

get gossip girl worthy volume with pureology purevolume thickening mist

I have finally entered the world of Gossip Girl and...lord help me...I'm addicted.

The clothes, the accessories, and the hair has me tuning in as much as the story lines.

One thing I've noted, is the gorgeous mane seen on one of the stars, Blake Lively.

Totally full of body and bounce, somebody sign her up for a shampoo commercial...stat! product that I love to bring on the volume in my hair is Pureology PureVolume Thickening Mist ($21).

First, I wash with my favorite shampoo and conditioner. Once done, I towel dry my hair and apply the Thickening Mist underneath at the roots in sections. Then I blow-dry as usual.

The result is hair that has body and doesn't go limp on me later in the day.

It also doesn't feel sticky, weigh my hair down, or leave me with a big mess of static....gotta love that.

It's made with the same AntiFade Complex® that their shampoos and conditioners are known for so it protects my color and makes it more vibrant and shiny.

So how do you get your hair to look like a Gossip Girl?

Well, two things can help...a great round brush and the nozzle on your dryer.

I rough dry my hair first, mainly using my hands and a vent brush to guide the hair. Then when it's pretty much dried that way, I go in with my round brush and do the finishing blow-dry in sections. Smoothing it out by aiming the dryer down the hair (on the top), with the brush underneath.

The result is volume at the roots with just the right amount of straightness.


photo of blake lively courtesy of google


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